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Why Financial Plan

When it comes to the important things in life, you turn to a professional. That’s why you have a doctor, a dentist, and maybe even a lawn care professional. Which begs the question: What’s more important than working toward your long-term financial goals? Not much. That’s why so many individuals turn to a Financial Advisor.

A Financial planning professional can help you:

  • Set realistic financial and personal goals
  • Assess your current financial health by examining your assets, liabilities, income, insurance, taxes, investments, and inherited wealth
  • Develop a realistic, comprehensive plan to meet your financial goals by identifying financial opportunities and building on financial strengths
  • Put your plan into action and monitor its progress
  • Stay on track to meet changing goals, personal circumstances, markets and tax laws

Often a specific event or need will trigger the desire for professional financial planning guidance. These might include:

  • Making sure your money will last during retirement or rolling over a retirement plan
  • Preparing for a marriage or divorce
  • Planning for the birth or adoption of a child
  • Facing a financial crisis such as a serious illness, layoff or natural disaster
  • Caring for aging parents or disabled child
  • Funding education
  • Dealing with a complex financial situation such as calculating how long your retirement income will last or maximizing tax strategies