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Retirement Accounts

Choose & organize your accounts

Understanding your retirement account options for saving and keeping track of the savings that you already have is critical to retirement planning. Better organization can help simplify your finances, provide peace of mind to your loved ones and help you make better long-term investment decisions.

Understanding retirement accounts

Most people will need more than one account type to save for retirement. Employer-sponsored plans provide a foundation for your savings. Consider Mutual funds and personal savings for the additional savings opportunities you’ll need to live in retirement.

Organize your accounts

Over time, you may accumulate multiple retirement accounts from old employers or from previous times in your life. Whether retirement is near, far or already here, you need to know where your accounts are and what you have in each of them. It’s also wise to revisit and update the beneficiaries on your accounts so your intent for the assets is clear.

Consider consolidating retirement accounts

Holding many accounts in different places can unnecessarily complicate your finances. Consider Consolidating your multiple accounts so that you can keep a proper track of your retirement corpus and can monitor it easily.