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Child Higher Education

Are you planning to help your children with their education expenses? Or thinking of taking classes yourself? There are many options to help you achieve this goal.

Determine your education needs

You can begin to create a School and college savings plan by defining your education needs and preferences:

  • Would you prefer a private or a public school?
  • What will it cost? How much is too much? Make sure you take inflation rates into account.
  • How long will it take, or how long do you have, to save?


While designing your child education and higher education plan, you will have to consider the most important factory i.e Inflation. Average inflation in education sector has been more than 10 % in India in past years.

Several other factors may also affect the cost of an education:

  • Student's age
  • Academic record
  • Scholarships available
  • Degree goal
  • Housing costs (on- or off-campus)