• Financial Planning

    In finance, investment is putting money into an asset with the expectation of capital appreciation.

  • Mutual Funds

    When it comes to the world of investing, three words come to mind: overwhelming, intimidating, and scary.

  • Time for changes

    Bottoms in the investment world don't end with four-year lows; they end with 10- or 15-year lows.

Common Retirement Risks

Having a solid retirement plan can help you keep control of your financial future. Yet even the best plans can be subject to the unexpected, unpredictable or unknown. While you can't control these risks, you can address them in your planning.

There are five key challenges that any retirement-focused financial plan should address. Retirement risks add a layer of complexity, but Dhulji Advisory can help you understand how best to manage them.

Market volatility

The market continually rises and falls, but a down market when you're in retirement can reduce your income and affect how long your money will last. A good defense against market volatility includes a financial plan with a long-term view and a diversified portfolio.


If you don't manage taxes carefully, you may pay the government more than you need to. A sound tax management strategy can help reduce the impact taxes have on your retirement savings, income and legacy.


People are living longer, so you need to anticipate a long retirement — and the higher expenses that come along with it. A good plan can help you preserve your standard of living throughout your retirement years.

Health care needs

Health care costs are rising dramatically, and an illness or the need for extended care can quickly deplete your retirement savings. Planning is critical to saving what you need to cover medical costs in retirement and to protect your other retirement assets.

Unexpected events

Life can be unpredictable and unexpected events — both good and bad — can have a dramatic impact on your savings. Plan ahead so you have money and resources to cover these types of events and help protect your financial future.

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